Sustainable Solid Waste Management With Special Focus on waste treatment and processing to Strengthen Implementation of SBM 2.0

The flagship Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) 2.0, with its focus on solid waste management, is being seen as a potential game-changer for India. The mission agenda talks about making India “garbage-free”, with key components like remediation of legacy waste and building infrastructure for treatment, processing, recovery, and recycling of municipal solid waste with a goal to divert 80 per cent of the waste from reaching the landfill by 2026. 

How much of that is really happening? The SwachhSurvekshan (SS) annual assessmentcomplements SBM by providing much-needed information to gauge the situation and identify cities that require urgent attention. According to SS 2023 results, the national average of waste processingis less than 40 per cent. 

Capacity building of city governments, regulators, state urban development authorities, academia, private sector, civil society, start-ups, researchers, consultants and individual practitioners is critical to collectively achieve the mammoth target. The magnitude of the mission creates space for every stakeholder to build an ecosystem for turning waste management services into business models for economic and environmental sustainability. 

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE),which supports the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India to strengthen implementation of SBM 2.0, has designed a four-day tailor-made residential training programme focusing on waste treatment and processing. The programme will addressthecritical gaps in the waste management value chain, waste treatment and processing of various waste streams to divert the waste reaching landfills.The training is designed to equip urban local bodies with the nuances to effectively plan and implement a sustainable solid waste management ecosystem reinforced with appropriate waste treatment and processing infrastructure leveraging the additional central assistance under SBM 2.0. The training also envisions improved SS ranking for the relatively underperforming ULBs,subject to implementation of the solutions offered.

For more details please contact: 

Course Coordinator 

Shrotik Bose
Research Associate
Solid Waste Managementand Circular Economy Unit, (CSE)
+91 9614489145




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Course Fees
Rs 28000 for Indian participants
US $ 400 for foreign participants

Free Registration for Government Officials

* Cost of travel to Delhi and Back for the nominated officials to be borne by the nominating Government Authority
  • 50% Discountfor NGOs, Academic Institutions, Students, Farmers
  • 25% Discount for Industry Representatives, Consultants, Other Professionals
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