The Complete Report on Kasaragod by Calicut Medical College

The complete report of the Calicut Medical College is now on our website. This has replaced the earlier brief version of the report. CSE received several mails in this regard and we were also accused of misleading the public. But here are the facts. The brief version of the report that was, on our website for a long time, was actually distributed during a press conference in Delhi by the then ex Kerala health minister. This study was released before the Indian contingent went for the Stockholm Convention to decide the fate of endosulfan. So this report was in public domain and so we put it up on our website.

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Part 2
Part 3

The medical college wrote to us asking us to remove the study from our site stating that it wasn't the complete study. WE had agreed provided they sent us the complete study. The college refused to give us the complete study and we had requested them more than once. The study was not given to us despite the fact that they raised concerns over us posting the 'incomplete' study.

However, now that we have managed to get the complete study (not from the college), we have put it up. The whole report can be read in the link given below.