India's Consent takes Endosulfan on the PIC List

Day 5: With no consensus reached on white asbestos, its back to square one. The only progress was India changing its stand and therefore one less country to convert in the next COP session. Canada continues to remain the villain. India on the other hand earned some more brownie points by agreeing to list endosulfan in the PIC list or the Annex III of the Rotterdam Convention.

This makes Prior Informed Consent of the importing country mandatory for the export of the pesticide. India did not object to the listing of the pesticide

Despite it being the biggest exporter of endosulfan in the world. Before the COP5 began, India was the only country at the Rotterdam Convention opposing the listing of endosulfan in the PIC list. It was speculated that India, having nodded to the global ban at the Stockholm Convention and the Supreme Court ordering an interim ban on the pesticide on May 13, would not oppose to the listing of the pesticide in the PIC list.