The CSE Media Resource Centre re-announces its Media Fellowships for African Journalists

Paradigms in Wildlife Conservation in Africa - Emerging approaches from the  in times of conflicts, crises and climate change

January-April 2019

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) invites journalists working in Africa to apply for a Media Fellowships to travel, research and write stories on wildlife and its conservation in the continent – the policies and programmes, what has worked and what hasn’t, the conflicts in conservation, the impacts of climate change, and new initiatives and experiments in wildlife management and preservation.

The fellowship is open to all journalists working in Africa.

Three months – January-April 2019

USD 2000 per Fellow (subject to tax deductions)

How to apply
Please email your application in English to the undersigned. Attach the following documents with your application:

  1. Fellowship proposal (not more than 500 words)
  2. Latest bio-data
  3. Letter of support from your editor, specifying that the publication / media house would publish / telecast / broadcast your stories done under the Fellowships
  4. One sample of your recent published work (translated into English if it is in any other language)

Application process closed

These fellowships had been announced early this year, and could not be initiated due to unforeseen reasons. We received many applications, and the fellowship committee has taken a decision that those journalists who have already applied for these fellowships, need not reapply.Their applications will be considered by the Jury. They can, however, modify their earlier proposals if they wish. To do that, just send an email to the undersigned.

For submission of applications and any queries etc:
Parul Tewari, The CSE Media Resource Centre,