Training Programe: Retrofitting of FCBTK into Zig Zag Kilns

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) organized a one day district level training programme on Retrofitting of FCBTK into Zig Zag Kilns on 10 November, 2017. The programme was organized to advice the brick kiln entrepreneurs on what should be their future course of action and to discuss the technicalities of retrofitting of their existing kiln into Zig Zag kiln. More than 200 participants were present at the programme which included kiln entrepreneurs of the district, members of All India Brick and Tile Manufacturers Federation (AIBTMF), regional state pollution control board official, and experts working in the field from Central Building Research Institute (CBRI). 

Dr. N Gopalakrishnan, Director, CBRI inaugurated the training programme and has assured his full cooperation to the kiln entrepreneurs who are facing difficulties in retrofitting their existing kiln. Mr. Nivit Kumar Yadav of CSE shared the regulatory requirements and the recent developments through a presentation. He stressed upon the need of different stakeholders coming together and working for the improvement of the sector. Mr P Lahiri, Director of Team Energy System, provided the advantages of Zig Zag kiln over Fixed Chimney Bulls Trench Kiln (FCBTK) were also shared during his presentation.   

Mr Rahul Kumar from CSE presented the details of the things to be taken into account while retrofitting. The design specification of the kiln component, timeframe and the techno-economics for the conversion was part of his presentation.   

Mr R K Tyagi, Regional Officer, Regional Office Meerut of Uttar Pradesh State Pollution Control Board (UPPCB), presented the current status of the brick kilns in the district and shared that the board is devising a plan to tackle illegal kilns in the district. 

Mr. Vikram Rana, President, Baghpat Eent Nirmata Samiti and other representatives from AIBTMF provided the details of the meeting the association had with the Environmental Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority (EPCA) and other regulatory authorities. One of the major section of the participants urged the association heads and representatives from CBRI to guide them on the feasibility use of agricultural waste in Zig Zag Kilns. 

Mr. Rajendra Tomar, President, Muzaffarnagar Eent Nirmata Samiti thanked CSE for organizing the training programme. He further added that the programme helped us to gain knowledge about Zig Zag kilns and to make us aware with the recent directions and orders of the regulatory authorities. He assured that the Muzaffarnagar Eent Nirmata Samiti will work towards the implementation of the order.