Training Programme on Urban and Industrial Waste water Treatment August 24 - 28, 2015

The fast growing economy, rapid industrialization and growing urban population in India along with increasing wastewater generation are reasons for concern and reiterate the need for appropriate water management practices. Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) realizing the need of the above and importance of the water conservation for the better of environment, organized a five day training programme aimed at giving practical exposure to participants on wastewater treatment for industrial and urban wastewater management including reuse and recycle.

The programme was held at CSE, New Delhi from 24 – 28 August, 2015 and was attended by 25 participants. The participants formed a diverse group, which included people from Industry, Students, Academicians, Government employees and Consultants. The programme facilitated and gave a unique platform, where all the participants belonging to different sections were brought together and given an opportunity to interact with one another. Apart from this, experts both in house and external were present to resolve the queries of the participants and shared their experiences with them.

The objective of the programme was to build capacity and create awareness on wastewater treatment process, latest technologies and affordable treatment options available for both industrial and domestic waste water. The programme further aimed at evaluating the performance and design parameters along with the applicable cost implication associated with each treatment system.

Topics that were covered during the training programme were:-

  • Overview on existing water laws and key provisions.

  • Outline on unit operations of waste water technologies and industrial wastewater characterization.

  • Design criteria associated with different treatment technologies such as SBR, MBBR and Decentralized Waste Water.

  • Case studies of best practices in the sector including ZLD.

  • Trouble shooting of the treatment plant.

The main CSE faculty members for this training were Dr. D. D. Basu, Sujit Kumar Singh, Dr.Uday Bhonde, Chavvi Sharda, and Rahul Kumar. Guest faculty invited for the training were Mr. N K Verma, and Mr. Gaurav Gupta. 

One of the days was dedicated to field visit and the participants. They were shown two different treatment technologies; in the first half the participants were taken to SBR plant treating municipal waste, and in the second half the participants were taken to an industry where they were shown a ZLD plant treating the industrial effluent.


At the end of the programme all the participants appreciated CSE methodology adopted for training and the programme schedule which incorporated both theoretical and practical exposure.