Webinar to discuss the adoption of decentralised waste management in Tanzania

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) organized a webinar on the adoption of decentralised waste management in Tanzania on August 25, 2020, in collaboration with Ubungo Municipal Council (UMC), Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The closed-door webinar was attended by the staffs of 4 municipal councils in Tanzania namely Dar City Council, Kinondoni, IIlala, NGO, representative of National Environment Management Council (NEMC) and NGOs. Altogether, 12 officials attended the programme. 


The following sessions were taken during the meeting: 

  1. Inaugural Session: The welcome address was given by Atin Biswas, SWM, Director, CSE and further moderated the programme.  Addressing the meeting, Mr Biswas also highlights the activities involved under MoU between CSE and UMC. 
  1. Second session: In the second session, officials from UMC and Dar city council presented the existing status of waste management in their respective councils. 
  • Ezra Guya, Municipal Environmental Management Officer, UMC discusses the existing system and legislative framework of waste management in Tanzania with a special focus on the status of  solid waste management in Ubungo and finally, the gap and challenges faced.
  • Juma Haule, Waste Management Officer, Dar City Council highlighted the status of waste management in Dar es Salaam.

iii) Third session: Experts discusses the learnings of Decentralized waste management system.

  • Sonia Devi Henam, CSE, demonstrates how decentralized waste management pilot project can be achieved if there are a strong will and active participation by the stakeholders. Details of the decentralised waste management pilot project in Shaurimoyo area was discussed. The municipal councils were further sensitized on the need for adoption of segregation incentive waste management systems along with the updation of the new municipal byelaws on solid waste.
  • Shibu Nair, India Coordinator, GAIA, shares ‘How Thiruvananthapuram, India became a zero-waste city and explains how strong monitoring, policy and active participation by the community plays an important role in sustainable waste management.

iv) Concluding session: The session was followed by discussion on various aspects of waste management including gaps and challenges while adopting the system.