Change is possible in our cities.  Public action has made this possible. Unhealthy air pollution spikes are lower in cities in the lead. They have saved lives.  There are amazing stories. People have acted and created a 'space' to make the change real… 

The challenge is complex. Deadly mix of pollution, congestion, energy guzzling makes solutions more difficult. But cities are innovating, experimenting, pushing. They are finding ways to solve their unique problems with deeper insight within; shared vision and lessons from other cities.  Learn and share, know and grow, act and push….

We realize the importance of customized research and analysis and hence facilitate cities to identify the source of their problems and device strategic solutions to ensure sustainable and equitable transportation systems as well as cleaner air to breathe. City Action describes our collaborative actions with various partner cities. These rapidly growing cities sometimes have unique concerns.... In depth Analysis and South Asian Outreach programs aim to ring the alarm and instigate change in these centers of urban development.

Citizens, civil society, the government... all have come to realize the adverse effects of impaired mobility and toxic air on human health and social development. In recent times, many cities have taken the lead in combating air pollution and transportation challenges. City Watch tracks these actions across Indian cities -- anger, passion, resistance, decisions – to help you see the change and the need for it.

Making policies and taking action is a positive step but it also needs to have tangible results. Initiatives taken in cities need to be evaluated on a common basis. Regular assessment of action not only helps to improve performance but also motivates to continue one’s efforts. Rapid City Assessment evaluates cities on the basis of their action implementation and consequent improvements in urban air quality and mobility with local inputs from our voluntary City Evaluator Network.

Knowledge dissemination is quintessential to facilitate change. We conduct training programs and orientation workshops and invite people who have the power to change to learn more about air quality and mobility. Through our Capacity Building initiatives we provide an experience sharing platform to regulators, health experts and civil society from across the country along with inputs from academicians and experts in the field.