Workshop on Climate Resilient Cities: Adaptive and Mitigative Approaches for a Warming Habitat

The sustainable habitat team conducted a workshop and onsite training on “Climate Resilient Cities: Adaptive and Mitigative Approaches for a Warming Habitat”. The programme was conducted at India Habitat Centre on November 21, 2023, and was attended by participants comprising government officials, industry experts, civil society members, practitioners and academicians.

The workshop kicked off at India Habitat Centre with Ms. Anumita Roychowdhury setting the stage. She provided an overall picture of the challenges faced in an urban area, and highlighted various climate-oriented vulnerabilities in terms of heat, flood, mobility, etc. across the cities, while providing a broad idea of adaptation and mitigation.

Ms. Mitashi Singh then addressed how India is dealing with climate changes via mitigative and adaptive approaches, detailing about various sectors including Energy, Urban, Mobility and air quality, water management, waste management, among others. She also highlighted existing national missions and strategies associated with it.

Mr. Rahul Jain followed this up with a presentation highlighting the potential of bio-CNG as an eco-friendly substitute for fossil fuels. He delved into the scientific aspects of bio-CNG, its capacity in India, carbon credits, and the existing policies and financial aspects associated with its implementation.

The day's final lecture, delivered by Ms. Avantika Goswami, focused on climate finance and carbon trading. The session offered insights into the origins of climate finance, discussed challenges within the sector, and provided details about the sectors utilizing carbon markets.