2nd 3 Day training programme on 'Sustainable Buildings - Policies and Practices' from 2-4th November

The Sustainable Building Unit of the Centre for Science and Environment conducted a 3 Day training programme on 'Sustainable Buildings - Policies and Practices' from 2-4th November at their Anil Agarwal Green College, New Delhi.

The aim of the programme was to present the big picture of green buildings starting from mandatory compliances in the form the Environmental Clearance from Government to industry led green 'movements' and build consensus for a favorable policy regime and industry commitment.

The first day covered policy and had speakers representing MoEF, Delhi SEAC, CPCB who explained the framing of regulation, its implementation and monitoring respectively. The first day helped one to make sense of the recent news coverage on EIA violations by some major development projects. Considerable time was given to educate how a good EIA can be carried out and reported for clearance. The message of the first day was that the Government can only scrutinize the large and high impact projects while the smaller ones have to self-regulate or be pressured by civil society into environmentally responsible behavior.  The local building bylaws are the reference for verifying compliance.

The second day covered the key issues in implementing sustainability at the ground level. Landuse planning and building bylaws are key to allocation of appropriate land for development. However, the master plans for urban development in most cases are not scrutinized for their environmental impact before adoption. The National Building Code, the Energy Conservation Building Code and more recently the National Mission on Sustainable Habitat are expected to enhance the effectiveness of local governments in regulating the building construction sector and usher in a sustainable state of economy in their jurisdictions. Green Building Consultants also presented on the best practices and emerging technologies that make sustainability goals viable in real projects.

The third day offered ample evidence from practicing architects and consultants about every day green buildings and projects that one can relate to. CSE's work in the form of provocative films that makes us introspect into our lifestyle and making informed choices were screened. Not to forget, CSE's own green buildings and their environs were shown to the participants. The feedback was very encouraging and there are requests to offer this training programme frequently and in other cities as well.

We will announce the date for the next programme soon. It is likely to be in the second week of December.