Agra - Roadmap for a Zero Waste City

CSE released its report: "Agra- Roadmap for a zero-waste city". The report has been prepared on the basis of primary and secondary data which was collected and compiled with invaluable support from the officials of Agra Municipal

Corporation (AMC). CSE in its report has provided the current scenario of waste management in India, followed by the challenges that the city is facing. The report is concluded by highlighting the broad areas of intervention and roadmap for the engagement with Agra Municipal Corporation for Solid Waste management practices in the city.

CSE has proposed technical and strategic interventions in the following areas:

  • - Ensuring Source Segregation
  • - Decentralisation of treatment/ processing facilities for all streams of waste
  • - Redesigning the concessionaire agreement
  • - Integration and inclusion of the informal sector 
  • - Capacity building of AMC officials by CSE

CSE will be advising AMC in drafting bye-laws which will help them in achieving financial sustainability with respect to its solid waste management operations in addition to providing technical support to manage its petha waste, leather waste, and drain silt/ sludge.


CSE has proposed an institutional monitoring framework with key indicators for monitoring the suggested action plan which will help us in achieving the major milestones in making Agra a Zero waste city.