Assistance for Abatement of Pollution

The Scheme of Assistance for Abatement of Pollution was conceptualized during the 7thFive-Year Plan with the main objective to strengthen the Central Pollution Control Board(CPCB) and State Pollution Control Boards (SPCBs) / State Pollution Control Committees(SPCCs) for enforcing statutory provisions of pollution abatement. The Scheme is now a part ofa Centrally Sponsored Umbrella Scheme of 'Pollution Abatement'.

The SFC Memo of the Scheme was approved during the Eighth Five Year Plan withshift in focus from supporting manpower requirements to supporting equipment, studies andprojects to meet the objectives of policy statement,1992. The grants were being provided toState Pollution Control Boards/UT Pollution Control Committees, Environment Departments,Central and State Research Institutions, Government Agencies and other Organisations with theaim of strengthening their technical capabilities of effective pollution prevention and controlacross the country. During the course of implementation of Scheme, the States were advisedthat expenditure on staff would have to be from their own resources from financial year 1993-94i.e 1.4.1993, except for the Union Territories. This was based on the decision taken by theGovernment to delegate powers of CPCB to the UT Administrations and consequentestablishment of Pollution Control Committees

2. The Scheme has been appraised for continuance in the 12th Plan period. As per approvedScheme, the financial assistances in the form of grants will be provided to weakerSPCBs/PCCs on the basis of their categorisation. The SPCBs/PCCs having an averageannual collection of water cess less than Rs. 5 crore over the last three years will becategorised as ‘weaker SPCBs/PCCs’. The categorisation of SPCBs/PCCs as ‘weaker’ basedon their average annual Water Cess Collection during the period 2008-09, 2009-10 & 2010-11 isgiven at Annexure-I. Further, all PCCs and SPCBs of North-Eastern Region shall be providedsalary support irrespective of the cess collection. However, this salary support will be restrictedto the scientific and technical staff only.