Conference on 'Green Norms for Green Energy'

In the last decade renewable energy use has increased manifolds in the country. Presently, about 13% of power installed capacity and 6% of electricity comes from renewable sources. The National Action Plan for Climate Change has mandated increasing this to 15 % by 2020.

Though renewable energy has lower environmental impacts compared to fossil fuels, they do have high ecological impacts if installed in ecologically sensitive areas without proper planning. It is for this reason that in most industrialised economies, some sort of green norms are mandated during construction and operations of renewable energy plants. India, however, has not yet mandated any significant green norms for the renewable energy sector.

To discuss this and other issues, we are organising a one day conference on “Green norms for Green energy”. We are pleased to invite you to attend this conference.

• Venue: GulMohar Hall, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi

• Date: Thursday, May 9th, 2013.

The meeting will discuss the need for continued increase of Renewable Energy in the country while creating safeguards to avoid negative environmental and social impacts. Interested academicians, state and central government agencies, private entrepreneurs, NGOs, experts and environmentalists involved in the field across the country are welcome to attend the conference.

As a basis for the discussion CSE will launch its report on the status and possible green norms for the renewable energy sector. CSE will also release an Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) manual for the wind power. The EIA manual is a comprehensive document which details out various aspects of EIA for wind power sector and best practices followed globally.

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