International Seminar on a Global Renewable Energy Support Programme, with Particular Focus on Globally Funded Feed-in Tariffs

30 March-1 April, 2015

Centre for Science and Environment and What Next seeks to bring together a group of experts from a wide range of backgrounds to further elaborate and develop the idea of a global support programme with a particular focus on globally funded renewable energy feed-in tariffs. 

We are reaching out to people we think would have a lot to contribute to these discussions. It is our intention to create a highly dynamic, participative and creative meeting, where everyone participates as equals and in their personal capacity. 

This is a closed group meeting being organised in Delhi from 30 March – 1 April, 2015.



Background Note
Presentation (Day 1)
Setting the contex

By: Niclas Hällström

Defining energy access and what is the minimum assured power to be supplied

By: Chandra Bushan

Achieving 100% renewable energy

By: Anna Leidreiter

Sri Lanka – making 100% renewable energy a reality

By: Thusitha Sugathapala

Virtual power plants and embedded solar – potential of distributed RE to provide substantial parts of the 100%

By: Tobias Bischof-Niemz

Community power, corporate concentration and alternative ownership models

By: Pascoe Sabido

Presentation (Day 2)
Renewable energy support schemes and capacity building needs

By: Benon Bena

REFiTs and challenges in Zambia

By: Francis Yamba

RE programmes status and REFiTs in Tanzania

By: Estomih Sawe

Powering Africa through feed-in tariffs – key lessons from across the continent

By: Pascoe Sabido

South African "Net Feed-in Tariff" proposal for rooftop solar PV and possible links to international climate financing

By: Tobias Bischof-Niemz

Energiewände – the German energy transition

By: Lutz Weicher

Off-grid Distributed Generation Based Distribution Franchisee (ODGBDF) model

By: Balawant Joshi

Community energy in Scotland (including success, challenges and relevance for developing countries)

By: Anne Schiffer

Green Climate Fund

By: Brandon Wu

Fair Share in Climate

By: Lidy Nacpil

Presentation (Day 3)
Group A – on support schemes, needs of funding and principles
Group B – on support schemes, needs of funding and principles
Group C – on support schemes, needs of funding and principles
Questions for the last group discussion
Group B – on What Next? Actions, gaps, timeline, countries and people
Group C – on What Next? Actions, gaps, timeline, countries and people