COVID-19 Awareness Drive in Uttar Pradesh (May - June 2020)

CSEProgramme Support Unit in Lucknow and Technical Support Unit in Bijnor and Chunar has been providing support to authorities in implementing best management practices in City Sanitation with focus on Faecal Sludge and Septage Management.

Ever since the COVID-19lockdown started, CSE PSU/TSU team braced up for providing support to authorities in combating COVID-19 by supporting through developing IEC collaterals, ensuring the Faecal Sludge and Septage Management (FSSM) services to carried out without any hindrances. CSE alsosupporting in providing Personal Protective Equipment to sanitation workers in Bijnor and Chunar.

An awareness campaign was thus designed to support programmesof CSE to the PSU and TSU citiesaimed at raising awareness and changing behaviour. The COVID Awareness Campaign had a twin objective of:

  1. Sensitization and training of sanitation workforce; &
  2. COVID-19 awareness and behaviour change of the general public with focus on low income settlement

Highlights of the COVID-19 awareness campaign in Bijnor, Chunar and Lucknow

  1. Sensitization of key stakeholders

City Sanitation Taks Force Meetings were conducted in the cities of Bijnor and Chunar through virtual mode.  The meetings were attended by the Chairperson, Executive Officers, logal NGOs, local media as well as prominent people from the cities. The awareness campaign was formally launched in the respective cities. The awareness campaign in Lucknow was launched in a meeting headed by the Principal Secretary, Department of Urban Development Govt. of Uttar Pradesh, District Magistrate Lucknow and Municipal Commissioner Lucknow as well as separately by Director, Directorate of Local Bodies, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh.

Pictures of Launch of campaign from different cities

2. Training and Oreintations for ensuring health and safety of Sanitation Workers during COVID.

A Virtual Training was conducted for Sanitary Inspectors from Bijnor, Chunar and Lucknow. The participants were sensitized on the advisories and guidelines issued byGovt. of India on health and safety of Sanitation Workers as well as brief on the communication collaterals developed by CSE PSU team which would be helpful for conducting orientation of sanitation workers in the city. The virtual training was followed-up with support by the TSUs in Bijnor, Chunar and PSU team in Lucknow to the Sanitary Inspectors in conducting orientation of sanitation workers in the respective cities. 

Pictures of Orientations of sanitation workers from the respective cities

3. Painting / Drawing and Slogan Writing Competition

Painting / drawing and slogan writing competition were conducted in the cities of Bijnor, Chunar and Lucknow in collaboration with the respective Urban Local Bodies. More that 3000 entries were received. A combination of cash prizes, certificates as well as e-magazine (Gobar Times) were given to the winners in different age categories. The winners were announced through a virtual meeting.


Pictures of Virtual meeting or top paintings

4. Amplifying COVID-19 messaging

  1. Wall Painting

Wall painting were done in high footfall areas including offices, low income settlements, public / community toilets to promote good practices related to COVID-19 prevention.

Pictures of Wall paintings in different cities


b) Mobile Van audio messaging

The garbage collection vehicles in the cities of Chunar, Bijnor and Lucknow were used for audio messaging for good practices for prevention of COVID-19.


Pictures of Mobile Van messaging from different cities


c) Posters in key locations

Posters were pasted in key locations in the respective cities


Pictures of Posters in different locations

d) Social Media campaign

Social media platforms such as twitter, linkdin and facebook were used to dessimanate creatives and collaterals including audio/video, GIFs and images developed for ensuring good practices of prevention of COVID-19.

Social media campaign posters in different locations


5. Media Outreach

The print media in cities extensively covered the media campaign and the messaging related to good practices to be followed during COVID-19


Clippings of newspaper articles of the campaign



Sanitation Workers Orientations
Mobile Van Messaging
Wall Paintings
Campaign Collaterals
For more communication collaterals please click here