Discussion regarding response to COVID 19 with Nagar Nigam Lucknow

CSE had a virtual meeting with Nodal Officer of Lucknow Nagar Nigam (LNN) on 1st May, 2020 on the support from CSE PSU-DoUD U.P. for COVID-19 relief in the city. The key points discussed are:

  • CSE - PSU COVID Help Desk to be set-up at LNN to keep a track of activities in Lucknow and support needed for COVID-19 response in the city. Including providing PPE, hygiene products through CSE support.
  • Capacity building of key stakeholders including supervisors of sanitation workers, SHGs working closely with LNN. Also to ensure regular health check for COVID-19 symptoms for sanitation workers.
  • Dissemination of IEC material at appropriate places. Other mediums of IEC to be explored like mobile van, SMS. 

Mr. Pankaj Bhusan, LNN has assured all the support to CSE and in coming week the CSE PSU -COVID response help desk will be active at Lucknow Nagar Nigam. 

The PSU team of CSE will give a presentation to the Municipal Commissioner LNN which is scheduled on 4th May 2020 on the proposed support activities.