CPWD marathon of trainings

Dates : Training 1- Sept, 10 - 14  |  Training 2- Sept, 17 - 20  |  Training 3- Sept, 24 - 25 

Venue: CSE, Tughlaqabad campus, AAETI and CPWD training academy Ghaziabad 

CPWD had shown interest in knowledge support on subjects of resource management and energy efficiency in built sector and capacity building on their implementation. In response, a series of training were conducted with CPWD engineers and architects. In all about 70 participants were trained in 3 back to back trainings in different venues.

The first training was focused on sustainability in built sector by covering topics such as reduction in energy consumption in buildings, building waste management and sustainable materials. It took place at CSE Delhi campus from 10th-14th September 2018.

The second one was held at AAETI in collaboration with the water team during 17th-20th September 2018. The participants were trained on the aspects of 'energy for water', 'water for energy' and 'water & energy for comfort.'

The third training was conducted at the National CPWD Academy, Ghaziabad, titled 'advancement in built sector through passive techniques'. The two-day programme covered topics such as ECBC-Residential, Sustainable Site Planning and concerns in built environment.