CSE fellow gets Bangladesh government's award for best stories on climate-induced disasters

Salahuddin was selected as a fellow for CSE’s Media fellowship on Climate change for the South Asian region titled Climate Change in South Asia: Indications, Impacts and Innovations for Survival. Under the fellowship Salahuddin did a series of stories called the 'Tears of the Sunderbans' in the Daily Inquilaab.

 Salahuddin has been writing in numerous publications of Bangladesh for the last 12 years with special focus on agriculture, disaster management and environment issues. For the fellowship, Salahuddin proposed to look at the impact of climate change on Sunderbans and how it affects the overall poverty situation of the country. Sunderbans being an environment safeguard for Bangladesh also support nearly 3.5 million people. With this background, Salahuddin wanted to look at the impact of climate change upon the natural life and resources, forest ecosystem and environment, and lives and livelihood of the forest people and the local communities living close to the forest. 

The jury liked Salahuddin’s proposal and suggested that he also look at the disaster preparedness of the country specially since there have been fewer mortalities in cyclones. The jury also wanted Salahuddin to look at the adaptation and mitigation plans to meet with the eventualities of climate change. Are foreign agencies and multinationals looking at the country as a lucrative and potentially rich area for testing these plans?

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