CSE’s Programme Support for FSSM in U.P. – CSE – DoUD Review Meeting to discuss the wayforward for the engagement

A Review meeting was held on 15th May 2019 under the chairmanship of Director,Local Bodies Directorate. CSE presented programme activities done in the preceding year as well as the activities planned for the upcoming year. The meeting was attended by concerned stakeholders which included Additional Mission Director SBM & AMRUT and officials from UPJN, SMCG, PMUs from SBM, PDMC officials of AMRUT scheme, Executive Officers from Bijnor&Chunar.

Key points discussed during the meeting includeda discussion on the status of the state FSSM policy, formation of a State Sanitation Task Force for better convergenceof schemes and monitoring. CSE also raised the issue on the need to adopt City Wide Inclusive Sanitation principle while planning for effective sanitation in the city and to adopt an FSSM / Sanitation Policy which is Urban Poor inclusive and prioritizes the needs of all Genders.



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