Workshop on Catalysing private sector participation in FSSM

CSE’s Programme Support Unit supporting Uttar Pradesh in mainstreaming FSSM was invited by Intellecap Advisory Services in a working focusing at promoting private sector participation in FSSM.

Supported by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Intellecap Advisory Services are trying to facilitate private sector participation in the FSSM space in India through the identification, co-facilitation &drive adoption of solutions to mitigate the challenges faced by the private sector companies and create an ecosystem for their increased participation in FSM in India. In view of this, Intellecap has organised a “Workshop on Catalyzing private sector participation in FSSM” on 10th Dec, 2019 in IHC Delhi.

The workshop mainly entails the opportunities and challenges in the engagement of private sector players and understanding the various available business models with financial sustainability. The workshop started with context setting on overall FSSM scenario in India followed by respective presentations by state level Technical Support Units. These include Centre for Water Sanitation in Maharashtra, E&Y in Odisha, IIHS in Tamil Nadu and CSE in Uttar Pradesh. All respective state level TSU presented their FSSM interventions in the state. CSE being knowledge partner in Uttar Pradesh had presented FSSM implementation strategies & details of tenders floated in the state. 

A panel discussion held by respective TSUs for private sector Q&A/feedback and exchanged the ideas, suggestions and issues. Major recommendation suggested by private players for FSSM tenders include up-scaling of pilot projects, open technologies, enforcement, consideration for abroad experience & startups, integrated contracts, better financial recovery models. In the second half of workshop, the private sector players presented their area of work, technologies, innovations and further planning of getting into FSSM operations. The workshop ended with a discussion on innovative financing mechanisms for FSSM players.