CSE's Training for CPWD architects

The habitat team conducted a training for assistant architects from CPWD from 15th to 16th July 2021. Over 50 CPWD officials were trained over the two days, themed on multiple aspects of sustainability in the built environment.

The first day began with Mr. Rajneesh talking about the relationship between health, wellbeing and the built environment with the help of the ‘New Vaastu’ principles. This was followed by Mr. Sugeet and Ms. Prathama’s session on integrated green design which talked about principles of sustainable site planning ably supported by examples from the field and case study of CSE’s Anil Agarwal Environment Training Institute (AAETI). The next session by Mr. Sugeet introduced participants to the basics of passive design in buildings including ways to influence microclimate and daylighting inside a building. The last session of the day taken up by Mr. Rajneesh delved on resource circularity and efficiency on a building scale.

The second day’s sessions were based on the topics of energy optimization and renewable energy in the buildings, taken up by Ms. Prathama Dolas. The day ended with Mr. Sugeet speaking about CSE’s research ‘Optimizing the third skin’ and explaining the participants the thermal properties and performance of construction materials.