CSE seeks clarification

CSE shared its findings with the respective companies to find out the reasons for the presence of such high levels of heavy metals in cosmetics. “We hoped that this would help find ways to limit the presence of heavy metals in cosmetics,” say CSE researchers. After several months of correspondence about batch details, testing methodology and follow-ups, only seven companies responded—The Body Shop India, Lakme of Hindustan Unilever Ltd, Hindustan Unilever Ltd, Emami Ltd, ELCA Cosmetics Pvt Ltd (Estee lauder), Modi Revlon Pvt Ltd and ITC Ltd.

A few companies responded comprehensively. For instance, Lakme and Emami backed up their responses through internal and third party safety assessments and testing. Some also replied briefly addressing only partial set of queries but few cared to own up their responsibility. There was something common to almost all the responses: the presence of heavy metals in the products was not intended.

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