CSE ties-up with Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board and Andhra Pradesh Human Resource Development Institute to setup an Environment Training Cell for the state’s institutional capacity building

Date: October 30, 2018
Place: Vijayawada

CSE enters into a tri-partite agreement with AP Human Resource Development Institute (APHRDI) and Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board (APPCB) to establish an 'Environment Training Cell' at APHRDI, which is located at Bapatla.

A media briefing organized in Vijayawada October 31, 2018 announced the agreement, which was followed by discussions on environmental governance, Energy Conservation Building Code, integrated green design and waste management rules. About 110 representatives from ULBs, APPCB officials and other public bodies participated in the discussion. The briefing was chaired by Sh. D. Chakrapani, Director General, APHRDI,Mr. Vivek Yadav, Member Secretary, APPCB and Mr. Rajneesh Sareen, Programme Director, Sustainable Building and Habitat Programme, CSE.

"After the state's bifurcation, Andhra Pradesh (AP) was devoid of any capacity building institution and felt a need to institutionalise trainings and related infrastructure for its officers” - said Mr. Vivek Yadav. AP has four regional centres at Bapatla, Srikalahasti, Polavaram and Visakapatnam, of which the one at Bapatla has been chosen to be augmented into a state-of-the-art training institution to the meet the training and capacity building requirements of staff of Govt. Departments, Undertakings and other Public functionaries.

CSE 's profound knowledge resource on the environmental issues in the country and in the globe was highlighted as the key reason for entrusting CSE with the state's capacity building requirement. The state intends to take lead in environment management and embed sustainability in every government practice and for that officials need to be educated and trained.

Sh. D. Chakrapani pointed that the new Environment Training Cell shall add much required capacity on environment education and practice for the various employees that receive training at the Bapatla training centre. The centre has conducted about 400 training programmes so far.

A calendar on the concerns ranging from sustainable materials and construction technologies for green buildings, energy efficiency, air quality management, low-carbon transport, water and waste management, environment management in industries, etc. shall be worked at with APPCB and APHRDI to be rolled out for the Environment Training cell.