Development Partners meeting for Health and Safety of sanitation workers during COVID-19

A virtual meeting through zoom platform was held for the sub-group of sanitation workers during COVID-19 on 28th May 2020. This sub-group was formed during a virtual meeting chaired by Director, Urban Local Bodies (Govt. of U.P.) on 27th April 2020 with development partners working in Uttar Pradesh as part of 'Alliance for Urban transformation'. The meeting highlighted the vulnerability of sanitation workers during COVID-19 and stressed on the need to safeguard the health and safety of this vulnerable frontline workers.

The meeting included representatives from PSI, CSE, KPMG, ActionAid, Agha Khan Foundation and E&Y. During this meeting, PSI suggested a framework in Uttar Pradesh to ensure sanitation workers have access to basic healthcare through convergence with schemes from the Nation Health Mission. PSI would be sharing this framework before presenting it to the State Govt.

CSE PSU stressed on the need for awareness generation and sensitization of all the sanitation workers including regular thermal scanning and COVID symptoms. This should include regular orientation of the sanitation workers.