Orientation of Sanitation Workers for COVID-19 in Lucknow

CSE Programme Support Unit – DoUD (GoUP) Lucknow has set-up a COVID-19 Knowledge Resource Desk at Lucknow Nagar Nigam. A state training for Master Trainers for Health and Safety of Sanitation Workers during COVID-19 was held virtually on 27th May 2020. Sanitary Inspectors from Lucknow, Bijnor and Chunar attended the meeting.

CSE – PSU team in Lucknow, TSU teams in Bijnor and Chunar are supporting the Sanitary Inspectors in rolling-out these orientations of sanitation workers in the respective cities. The first batch of the orientation of sanitation workers for COVID-19 in Lucknow (Zone-4) was conducted on 29th May 2020.

The Training was attended by 13 Sanitary Workers and 4 Supervisors.

The following topics were covered during the orientation:

  • Introduction on COVID-19, precautions and symptoms
  • Hand washing with live demonstration with ink and gloves
  • Using Personal Protective Equipment and demonstrations related to how to wear a mask, making homemade mask.
  • Physical Distancing (minimum distance of 1 Meter)
  • Waste management from Quarantined homes.
  • Precautions for sanitation workers while at work.
  • Myths over facts



Training Videos
How to wash your hands
How to make mask from handkerchief
Precautions for COVID-19
Training Feedback