Sensitization on initiatives of CSE-PSU & TSU-Bijnor & Chunar at 2nd RCUES Workshop

PSU Lucknow, TSU -Bijnor and Chunar attended the 2nd workshop organized by RCUES which has targeted 50 cities. CSE-PSU team gave a 20 mins presentation on CSE initiatives to support COVID-19 response and good practices with respect to water, sanitation & hygiene in low income settlements in view of COVID-19 crisis. Dr Rohilla (Sr Director, CSE) also attended the workshop and spoke on issues related to implementation of various guidelines issued by the central government.

Some of the feedback from ULBs were the challenges related to comfort level of sanitation workers using the PPE during the summer season, protection and SOPs needed for sanitation workers involved in activities because of the crisis which they are not supposed to do like handling dead bodies.