EIA Training Programme

The Centre for Science an Environment launched its first EIA training programme in the year 2006.

Over a period of time, fifteen EIA training programmes have been conducted by the centre which received a huge response by students, academicians, NGOs, regulatory institutions, SEIAA officials, environment consultants, decision makers and industries. The Centre aims at giving practical exposure about the sectors and state of art practices to the participants on EIA regarding:

1. Exposure to all aspects of EIA, from its theory to the practical- such s better understanding regarding

  • What data is required, how this data should be collected and interpreted , and significance of the data
  • Effectiveness of the assessment methods
  • What issues to be addressed in the Terms of Reference (ToR)
  • Tools and thumb rules available to evaluate the environmental impact of projects

2. Better understanding of the EIA process- from screening, scoping, data collection to impact assessment as well as role of public consultation
3. Better understanding of the environmental and social impacts of the industrial and development projects
4. Better ability to review EIA reports and identify its strengths and weaknesses
5. Increased ability to play active role in post-EIA monitoring

The centre emphasizes on learning with the help of case studies and class exercises. The participants have found the EIA training programmes as an overwhelming learning experience.

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