Environmental Impact Assessment Review, Inspection and EMP Compliance, Namibia

CSE in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism (MET), Namibia successfully conducted a 5 day training programme on ‘Environmental Impact Assessment Review, Inspection and EMP Compliance’ in Windhoek from 4th to 8th November, 2019. A total of 22 officials from various departments of MET, NamPower, NamWater Ltd. and the Ministry of Mines and Energy participated in the capacity building programme. The programme covered topics around EIA regulations, comparison and learning between Indian and Namibian policies, mitigation measures, developing Terms of Reference, scoping and screening practices, and air and water quality assessment among other things. It also included site visits to a quarry, sewage treatment plant and a waste dump site.

Alongside the programme, two consultation meets were for finalising documents on EIA Guidelines for the Mining Sector and Project Screening Criteria for EIA with the Ministry of Mines and MET respectively.