Factsheet: Energy Storage


According to IEA’s World Energy Outlook analysis, supported by the agency’s System Integration Model of India, adequate system flexibility will be essential for the security and reliability of electricity supply in the country in the coming decades (2020–40). The need for flexibility is expected to increase dramatically as the profile of demand becomes more variable, with steeper peaks. Moreover, given the seasonality of India’s wind generation and the steep drop in generation from solar at sundown in all the modelled regions, storage is deemed to play an important role in the electricity markets, as the share of solar PV and wind increases from 4 per cent in 2017 to 28 per cent in 2040. By that year, India will account for 60 GW of the almost 220 GW of global battery storage capacity. Hydropower will also contribute to the flexibility of India’s power systems; reaching nearly 110 GW of installed capacity by 2040 in the IEA’s modelling analysis.

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