Solar Rooftop for Gurugram Residents

India, with 79 GW today, hopes to reach 175 GW of cumulative installed renewable energy capacity by 2022. Of the total, the solar rooftop (SRT) segment is expected to contribute 40 GW.

As of December 2018, there was a meagre 1.8 GW of SRT installed nationally; lagging its counterparts – large solar and wind power plants – by a mile. To help capitalize on the environmental and economic benefits of a SRT system, both the national- and state-level governments offer a host of incentives and subsidies. The hope is to increase the number of environment conscious SRT prosumers (energy producers and consumers) at the city-level.

As of March 2019, Gurugram had an installed SRT base of 25 MW and a total sanctioned capacity of 54.5 MW. This has come on the back of a string of incentives for SRT adoption, offered by the state of Haryana. To further expand deployment, it is imperative to build public awareness on SRT.

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