Programme Support for FSSM in U.P. - Stakeholder Meetings in Lucknow 18-20 June 2019

We visited Environment Directorate where the UPSWM Monitoring Committee constituted by NGT, is based. The committee is headed by Justice DP Singh and the panel's Secretary is Rajendra Singh. We had a meeting with Mr Rajendra Singh. We apprised him on our programme support for FSSM in U.P. includingour support in preparation of the policy, our report on FSSM in 66 cities in Uttar Pradesh.

We had a meeting with the legal consultant of the committee (Ms Pratishtha Singh). She was aware that the state is preparing an FSSM policy. The State had forwarded the draft policy sent by CSE to her for review. We shared a copy of our note on Gender and Urban Poor, stressing the importance of the issue in sanitation.

At PSU office, we had a meeting Ms KusumJauhari, HarijanSevakSangh, and Mr Sandeep Manjhi from proact, from State Support unit to DoUD in Programme related to sewer connections. We had discussions related to mainstreaming and capacitating sanitation workers, which is an important part of the sanitation value chain. And how a working model can be demonstrated by engaging the capacitating thesanitation in FSSM.

During a workshop organized atDoUD aimed at sensitization of UPJN Officials for uptake of sewer connections in UP, CSE briefed the officials on the activities of CSE Programme Support in FSSM as well as upcoming training programmes which includes a State Level Trainings for Planning and Design of Treatment of Faecal Sludge on 22-26 July 2019.