GSP Workshop for Sikkim Schools on The Problem of Plastics

CSE’s Green Schools Programme organised an online workshop for Sikkim school teachers and eco-club incharges on The Problem of Plastics in collaboration with ENVIS Centre, Sikkim on October 5, 2021. 

The webinar provided the participants with completely updated information on all aspects of plastics as an environmental bug-bear, with a special focus on single-use plastics. It also educated the participants on how plastic waste can be managed efficiently and sustainably, and what alternative materials can be explored. 

The objectives of the workshop were to facilitate an understanding of the scale of the problem of plastic waste, especially single-use plastics and help teachers take these learnings to their classrooms. 

The workshop began with an overview of the Green Schools Programme in Sikkim and participation from teachers and students in its various solid waste management initiatives. The expert session on plastics was conducted by Siddharth Singh, Deputy Programme Manager, Solid Waste Management Unit, CSE. The session was followed by a question and answer discussion with the participants and an online quiz to recap the learnings from the session. 

For further details and queries, please contact: 

Tushita Rawat
Deputy Programme Manager
Environment Education Unit, CSE



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GSP in Sikkim Schools
The Problem of Plastics
Quiz and Leaderboard