Introducing Solid Waste Management in the Classroom

Launch: Audit@Home: Waste Warriors
Date: August 25, 2021
Time: 3.00 - 4.30 Pm
Duration: 1.5 Hours
Platform: Zoom
Medium Of Instruction: English And Hindi

Environmental education lessons need to follow an integrated, step-by-step approach to make learning relevant, impactful and application-based. Centre for Science and Environment’s Green Schools Programme invites school principals, headmistresses/ headmasters and teachers to a workshop on ‘Introducing Solid Waste Management in the Classroom’.

Participation: Principal and two teachers from each school

The workshop has been designed specifically for them to discuss the pedagogical practices with respect to environmental education, and to empower teachers to introduce solid waste management to their students. Some of the key questions that the workshop would try to find answers to are:

  • What is environmental education, after all? What does it mean to facilitate EE classes that provide students with knowledge that they can apply? What should be the key characteristics of impactful EE?
  • What pedagogical tools can be used to impart EE? Activity-based learning, pragmatic, hands-on training, and interdisciplinary tools that delineate concrete concepts?
  • What should we teach about SWM (solid waste management)? What are the concepts we need to cover, and their relation to grades, and which tools should we use?

GSP will launch its Waste@Home Audit at the workshop. Keeping in step with the working norms forced by the pandemic and the lockdowns, GSP has introduced the @Home series of audits for its community of students – the waste audit is a part of the series.


Tushita Rawat,

Siddharth Singh,
Solid Waste Management unit, CSE



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