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Presentations ( Day 1)
Climate Change: Bali-Poznan-Copenhagen-Cancun-Durban and now Doha

By: Chandra Bhushan

Division of Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd, Mumbai

By: S A Juvekar

HFC Dilemma - Solution for Montreal Protocol (Ozone Layer Depletion) but Problem under Kyoto Protocol (Global Warming)

By: Dr. Sukumar Devotta

Short lived climate forcers: Black carbon Science and geo-politics…………

By: Anumita Roychowdhury

Climate Change: Impacts on Fresh Water and Adaptation of South Asian Agriculture

By: Bharat R Sharma

Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources of India

By: A. K. Gosain

Impacts of climate change on Indian Agriculture

By: VUM Rao

Sea Level Rise

By: Krishna Achuta Rao

Biological Effects of Climate Change on Marine fish

By: E. Vivekanandan

Presentations ( Day 2)
CDM: “Cheap Development Mechanism”: Failed to give us the transition to clean energy

By: Sunita Narain

Loss and Damage due to Climate Change

By: Chandra Bhushan

Madhya Pradesh State Action Plan on Climate Change

By: Lokendra Thakkar

Climate Change Adaptation

By: Indrajit Bose

Sustainable Solutions for the Environment
Future of CDM Projects

By: Amulya

Opportunities and Challenges for development of Grid Connect PV projects in India

By: Alan Rosling

Husk Power Systems

By: Ratnesh Yadav

CDM A/R Project - A ITC case study

By: Dr. H D Kulkarni

Who is Emitting?
Global Emissions
What's on the table for Doha
Sharing the climate burden
Loss and Damage
Inclusion of Aviation
HFCs: Safe for Ozone, yet a Potent Greenhouse Gas