Online Training Programme on Data Collection, Assessment and Planning for a Green Campus

Date: December 14-18, 2020

The Habitat team conducted an online training titled ‘Data Collection, Assessment and Planning for a Green Campus' from 14th to 18th December 2020. This was the fourth online instalment to outreach and capacity building efforts under CSE's Green Campus Initiative since June 2020.

The aim of this training was to enable educational campuses to plan for on-ground sustainability. In order to do this, campuses need to prepare baselines, evaluate and monitor their environmental performance.

Day-wise proceedings of the training are as follows:

Day 1: In an ice-breaking session, the participants presented their ongoing efforts for sustainability in their campuses. They talked about their aspiration for further greening in the campus and shared their keenness to learn about how to plan for it and implement it. In the following session, Mr. Rajneesh Sareen discussed the principles and parameters of green auditing and performance benchmarking in campuses using the existing green rating systems and environmental regulations.

Day 2: Focussing on land resource management for sustainability, Mr. Sugeet Grover took the participants through aspects such as land permeability, increasing tree cover, controlling soil erosion, kitchen gardening, agroforestry and green gardening strategy. The session was followed by group exercise in which the participants learnt how to determine the current land usage pattern of the campus and also presented their proposed plans for sustainable land management.

Day 3: Moving to the next theme, Ms. Mitashi Singh introduced the parameters that play a role in water prudence and techniques that enable it in buildings and campuses. Rajneesh Sareen discussed the data requisites and tools for water recycle and reuse. The day ended with a group exercise in which the participants learnt to develop a proposal for conservation and efficiency measures that can be implemented at campus level.

Day 4: Bringing focus on Energy and Air, Sugeet Grover discussed the measures for energy conservation and efficiency in buildings, ranging from passive design, energy efficient appliances and fixtures, renewable energy to energy policy and awareness programmes. An exercise on how to compare energy efficiency of electrical equipment and appliances used in campuses was conducted.

Ms. Anushkriti Singh in her session on Clean Air: deterrents and mitigation measures, highlighted how campuses can improve their air quality by taking initiatives such as preparation and promotion of a green transport policy, promoting non-motorised transport, pollution control initiatives and working towards better indoor air quality.

Day 5: With the last session aimed at integrated waste management, Mitashi Singh highlighted the mandatory compliances under the Waste Management Rules 2016, in institutional campuses. To emphasize the significance of and the opportunity for decentralised waste management in campuses, a group exercise was conducted. The participants prepared and presented waste management plans and calculated space requirements for nature-based in-situ organic waste treatment