Meetings-Global: Pan-African Meeting on Rural Sanitation

March 26-29, 2019, AAETI, Nimli

A Four - day Pan Africa meeting was organised at Anil Agarwal Environmental Training Institute, Nimli, Alwar, Rajasthan. The aim of the programme was to provide cross-country learning to understand the challenges and issues concerning rural sanitation in Africa and India and build a network for research, capacity building and sharing of best practices.  All the African countries are struggling due to faulty toilet technologies and handling of faecal sludge. There were representatives from seven countries in the meeting: Nigeria, Kenya, Swaziland, Uganda, Zambia, Botswana and Ethiopia. There were representations mainly from the government departments; however representatives of non-profits and educational institutes are also there. Experts were also from different parts of India to exchange the knowledge on rural sanitation in India and also the Swachh Bharat Mission. In total there were 17 participants from India and Africa. 

The meeting concluded that the faecal sludge management is the main concern of the African countries right now. There is a need for new policies and guidelines on faecal sludge management in the continent.  



Meeting Agenda
Does building any type of toilet mean safe sanitation?

By: Abebe Beyene

A Success towards Sustainable Sanitation

By: Er. Abinash Sahoo

Challenges faced by Eswatini to move towards the SDGs in the field of safe sanitation

By: Ndumiso Cyprian Magagula

Affordable and appropriate options that respond to diverse consumer needs and aspirations

By: M. Elangovan, Executive Director, Gramalaya

Impact of faulty toilet structure: Health, Water and Economics

By: Sujoy Mojumdar, WASH Specialist, UNICEF India


By: Marcia Tusiime, Environmental Health Officer Ministry of Water and Environment, Uganda

Issues and Challenges of attaining open defecation free status in Uganda

By: Martha Naigaga, Sanitation Coordinator, Ministry of Water and Environment

An Eco-friendly Solution for Human Waste Management

By: Namita Banka, Technology Commercialisation Partner

Sanitation Experience and Technologies in Botswana

By: P.T. Odirile, Department of Civil Engineering

A continental shift


Optimising health benefits of sanitation in rural Africa: critical learnings from India

By: Raman VR, Head of Policy, WaterAid India

Sustainable Rural Sanitation

By: Scolastica Chiluba Sichembe

Toilet +++ Towards Sustainable Sanitation

By: Vincent M. Ouma, Head of Programmes, KEWASNET