REDD+: India goes all out on safeguards, Tuvalu plays spoilsport

Durban, December 8, 2011: At the deliberations on REDD+ in the meetings of the SBSTA (Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice), India has reportedly devoted its time and energy in ensuring safeguards for the rights of indigenous communities and for conserving natural forests, giving the lie to the impression that nothing was being done on the issue. In fact, Indian negotiators point out that of the three elements under discussion in the SBSTA (safeguards, MRV and benchmarks), safeguards is the only one which has been thoroughly discussed.

While none of the participating countries are opposing the element of safeguards, negotiations are still going on on the terminology and nuances. Tuvalu, reportedly, is playing spoilsport once again.

On financing REDD+, India is clear that it does not want private players to enter the arena. The Cancun CoP, according to Indian negotiators here, had pointed towards the roadmap of exploring further financial options – and that is exactly what the parties are doing here at Durban now. However, this optimism was missing from a press briefing organised here today by FERN, the Dutch non-governmental body which works on forests and climate change: FERN experts feel that with carbon markets being the main source of finance, REDD+ will end up with no finance in the long-term (see related video on this site).