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Technical Support For Fssm In Bijnor Uttar Pradesh

Activity Updates

Sensitization on initiatives of CSE-PSU & TSU-Bijnor & Chunar at 2nd RCUES Workshop Sensitization of ULBs on CSE-PSU's 'Repository of COVID-19 Resources' at RCUES workshop Introducing City Sanitation Taskforce - Bijnor  


Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) entered into a partnership with Bijnor Nagar Palika Parishad (BNPP) to support in implementation of action plan/strategies with a focus on effective Faecal Sludge & Septage Management, as listed in the City’s Sanitation Plan (CSP) endorsed by the City Sanitation Task Force (CSTF)’ in February 2019. CSE supports municipal functionaries to plan and implement reforms for achieving effective FSSM and city-wide sanitation by facilitating the convergence of various national and state policies, plans, programmes and project implementation showcasing improvements across the urban sanitation value chain – containment, emptying, disposal, treatment and reuse/recycle, together with river pollution abatement.