Training on Climate-appropriate planning and design of housing and sustainable building techniques

A batch of 62 engineers from CPWD were trained on climate-appropriate planning and design of housing and sustainable building techniques. These engineers are a young generation of fresh intake at CPWD who are developing their professional foundation at CPWD. The participants were delighted by the overall experience atAAETI. They appreciated the relevance of the course content and the conduct of the training; and most importantly they expressed that they are taking back a lot to implement in their practice.

Day 1: Rajneesh Sareen inaugurated and commenced the programme and introduced CSE and AAETI to the participants. In an ice-breaking session, the participants were asked to identify the climate zones they come from and elaborate their understanding on native temperature and humidity variations across seasons and what they do to deal with them. This was followed by a session on environmental regulations and safeguards by Rajneesh Sareen. Mitashi Singh sensitized the participants on the new paradigms in the housing sector such as introduction of advanced walling technologies, rental housing and issue of housing affordability. In the following session, she engaged the participants in a group exercise to emphasize the fundamentals of liveability in the built environment.

Day 2: Mitashi Singh delivered a session on resource conservation practices in buildings and Rajneesh Sareen elaborated the underlying data requirements and techniques. Sugeet Grover engaged the participants in an exercise on layout and design implications of resource conservation practices. Mitashi familiarized the participants with the solid waste management rules, which was followed by a detailed session on construction and demolition waste management by Rajneesh Sareen. In the second half of the day, Sugeet took the participants on a tour of AAETI and concluded the day by discussing ICAP, fundamentals of thermal comfort and climate-appropriate building design.

Day 3: The last day of the training was focussed codes and rating systems. Sugeet trained the participants on Eco Niwas Samhita and discussed the findings of CSE’s research on thermal comfort. Rajneesh brought together the several elements of the training and tied therm together in his session on CPWD’s own rating system—GHAR.