Training on Greening the construction sector: For C&D waste management and dust control

The habitat team conducted a training session on the topic of ‘Greening the construction sector: For C&D waste management and dust control’. The training held at AAETI from 15th to 18th February, 2022 was attended by 31 participants comprising of officers from municipalities, state pollution control board officials, government construction bodies, academia, practitioners etc. Day one of the training introduced participants to the issues and risks associated with construction and demolition waste and the national and international goals linked with C&D waste management. The post lunch session presented case studies of C&D waste management from various municipalities from Delhi NCR region and Rajasthan region with whom CSE has been working since the past few years on the subject. The day ended with the tour of AAETI campus by demonstrating its sustainable features adopted.

Day two began with a session on environmental impact assessment and was followed by a participatory exercise with the audience on determining a typical construction timeline. The second half of the day had a session on process management and safeguards for material handling at site and city level for dust-abatement. The last session involved the participants to carry out calculations to determine the reutilization potential of C&D waste from a demolition site.

Day three began with the participants being introduced to methodologies of calculation of C&D waste at a municipality scale. This was followed by a role-playing exercise to understand the responsibilities of municipalities, pollution control board, developer and site engineers in proper C&D waste management and on-site dust abatement measures. The rest of the sessions for the day were dedicated for creation of an action plan for C&D waste management.

Day four began with group wise presentations by the participants on C&D waste reutilization. The rest of the sessions were devoted to the technologies and processes adopted in a C&D recycling plant with cases from Delhi and Gurugram. The day ended with an external speaker speaking about the challenges and economics involved with running of C&D waste recycling facility.