Training programme on Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Tanzania

A four day training programme on Environmental and Social Impact Assessment was conducted by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Minerals (MEM), Tanzania. There were 52 senior and mid level officials from the mining division of the ministry, who were trained during the programme.

The programme was inaugurated by Mr. Ally B. Samaje, Assistant Commissioner for Mines Inspectorate and Chief Inspector of Mines, MEM. During his introductory speech Mr. Samaje highlighted why this training is needed for the officials and stated the importance of sustainable mining for the development of his country and simultaneously preserving the environment. He thanked CSE for conducting such training programme which is first of its kind for the officials at MEM, Tanzania and expressed his interest to continue to work on capacity building and relevant research in future.

The programme facilitated experience sharing on Mining Regulations and Land Acquisition Process in India and Tanzania. The programme also covered the importance of baseline data, developing Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and few case studies from India showing good practices in the field. Apart from this there were class exercises to give hands on experience to the participants in drafting Terms of Reference (TOR), framing EMP. The key resource faculties for the programme were Sujit Kumar Singh, Srestha Banerjee, Rahul Kumar from CSE and Dr. Ganpat Singh Roonwal, Retd. Prof. University of Delhi. 

At the end of the programme the participants were asked to give their feedback on the training programme. Most of the participants said that the knowledge acquired from the training will be useful for them in their field work and will help them to monitor and mitigate negative impacts of the mining projects on environmental as well as social issues associated with it.