Training Programme on Waste Management - A Cradle to Cradle Approach

A three day training programme was successfully conducted on Waste Management- A Cradle to Cradle Approach from 23rd to 25th of February 2021 by Sustainable buildings and habitat programme. The training session began with a talk on Waste to resource – closing the loop on clean air followed by sessions on Resource efficiency, Status of solid waste management in India, Solid waste management rules 2016 and waste management using composting, bio gas and e-waste and plastic waste management. On the second day, sessions were held on construction and demolition waste management, biomethanation, case studies on construction and demolition waste management in Jaipur and Gurugram, construction and demolition recycling plant and vermi composting which also included a live demonstration. A tour that explained about the ecofriendly design of AAETI Campus was organized. The last day included lectures on Digitisation in waste management, Waste extrapolation with geographic information system, C&D resutilisation on site and organic waste treatment exercise. The sessions were conducted by sustainable buildings and habitat programme and municipal solid waste management division and also experts professionals from environmental waste management companies. The participants were benefitted by classroom sessions and practical works.