What you can do to make your building green building?

Change begins in our own home – with little steps. What can each one of us do to green our homes? How can we reduce the energy and water use  of our buildings, our living? How do we know what works and how?

There are a range of products, fixtures etc. that are today extensively available for us to select and use. What is required is the right intent and knowledge.

Right from efficient lighting products such as compact fluorescent lamp, light emitting diode bulbs, solar products such as water heaters, cookers, lantern, home lighting system, rooftop system, energy efficient appliances such as refrigerators, TFLs, air conditioners etc.

The market for water fixtures used in our toilets and kitchens is also fast shifting towards water efficiency. The sanitaryware market in India has graduated from standard high water consuming fixtures to dual flush, water less urinals, water savings taps and showers. 

But we know so little about them. Why don’t we start to look at them one by one and understand why will this help to reduce our budget for energy and water and make our home and our city sustainable.