Why Does Air Pollution Get Worse in Winters?

Why is it that every year, as the winter sets in, we hear of pollution levels becoming higher, and the air quality becoming more toxic? This year has been no exception – recent studies by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) are pointing to the onset of polluted smog-encased days and nights almost all over northern India.

While action to curtail air pollution is happening at the official level, our school community – its teachers, students and parents – can play a critical role in supporting this action and driving public opinion towards effective and longlasting solutions

CSE’s Green Schools Programme invites principals and teachers from schools across Rajasthan to understand the phenomenon of winter air pollution, and what must be done to keep ourselves safe from it. Join us and our expert speaker Avikal Somvanshi on Tuesday, November 23, 2021 for a Briefing.

Each school can be represented by its Principal and one-two teachers/ faculty members. While there are no limits on the number of available seats (except those imposed by Zoom), GSP member schools will, naturally, get preference. Participation in this briefing is free.

What will you gain from this Briefing:

  • Overview of the state of air quality during winters in recent years and the state government’s initiatives towards controlling it.
  • Knowledge and understanding of air quality issues with specific reference to schools, what actions can be taken to bring down pollution levels in and around school campuses
  • Opportunity to listen to and interact with other teachers from the state on the subject of air pollution – what are the problems schools face, and what actions are already being taken by them
  • A chance to join the GSP community (if you are not a member), and participate in the forthcoming GSP national audit

We look forward to seeing you at the Briefing.


Environment Education unit,



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Avikal Somvanshi works with CSE's sustainable urbanisation,
habitat and clean air teams as a Programme Manager,
and has been studying air pollution trends for some years now.