Workshop on Climate Change

  "Kyoto protocol...we are not renegotiating Kyoto Protocol"  
  Watch Shyam Saran, Special Envoy of the Indian Prime Minister on Climate Change brief South Asian Journalists and field questions from them  
Shyam Saran has more to say    Jairam Ramesh has more to say
  Commitments and compromises
  On Technology Transfer, Market
  Attempts to break G77+China
  Expectation at Copenhagen
  Transfer of technology and finance
  Wide gap between rich and poor
  On forests and climate change
  India will not and should not take reduction targets
  Energy efficiency and climate change
  On climate change and regional cooperation in South-Asia
  On China
  On Hillary's offer, population control and the west blocking the Kyoto protocol
  Says don't be romantic about renewables and wants to outsource the monitoring of forests
  Wants Centre and State to coordinate on a plan against climate change