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Rising to the Call: Good Practices of Climate Change Adaptation in India

Adaptation is necessary to manage the risks posed by climate change. Rising to the Call is a collection of stories from all over India about the nature of extreme weather events experienced, how communities are responding and successful adaptation practices emerging out of these experiences.  

Living with changing climate

Impact, vulnerability and adaptation challenges in Indian Sundarbans For residents of Indian Sundarbans, climate change is now a part of their daily survival battles. While the global negotiations towards mitigation of climate change have remained inconclusive over the years, sea level rise, cyclones, rainfall patterns have kept changing for the worse. Life is much more difficult now and development of the area more expensive.

SBI 14: Bonn, Germany

Press Release Biggest rogue of them all April 3, 2001 The world should declare the US a rogue nation for this act of extreme selfishness. And the Indian government should stop being a pushover.

The inconvenient truth

Many years ago, in a desperately poor village in Rajasthan, people decided to plant trees on the land adjoining their pond so that its catchment would be protected. But this land belonged to the revenue department and people were fined for trespass. The issue hit national headlines. The stink made the local administration uncomfortable. They then came up with a brilliant game plan—they allotted the land to a group of equally poor people. In this way the poor ended up fighting the poor. The local government got away with the deliberate murder of a water body.

Factsheet: The Cancun Conference of Parties

Was the Cancun CoP successful? What happened between Copenhagen and Cancun, that made countries vulnerable to climate change give their nod to the Cancun Agreement Read more

National Research Conference on Climate Change

New Delhi, March 6, 2010: A two-day national conference of climate researchers, which concluded here today, has culminated in the birth of the Indian Climate Research Network, a unique community of individuals and institutions which will work to enhance capacity for climate research and action in the country.

Workshop on Climate Change

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