A Green Campus Compendium Incubation, Experimentation and Demonstration of A Green Future

February 06, 2020

India currently faces an urgent environmental crisis. The Green Campus Initiative is one of the many ways in which India's environmental challenges are being addressed. The five campuses showcased in this book are the trailblazers who have taken the responsibility of trying new methods and sharing the results of those experiments. They realize the potential and possibility of building green institutions across the country which can become major contributors to the realization of a sustainable future for us all.

These five campuses show us that environmental sustainability is neither technologically nor economically prohibitive. The only thing required is the will and commitment of truly interested parties. Working in all areas of the environment—land, air, water, energy and waste—these campuses have achieved spectacular results in not only reducing pollution but also in reducing costs and improving the sense of well-being of their residents. This book is an attempt to show that their example can be followed and should be followed by campuses all over the country.'



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