Green CSE Reports : CSE's Building Energy Audit

August 04, 2011

Energy Consumption Pattern

The Energy Audit is conducted on December 2010 for both buildings, and it is estimated that the total use of energy-mix in the buildings is optimally contributed to overall energy consumption demand. The building AAGC and Main CSE building has 98.39 kW and 89.30 kW sanctioned load from the grid supply respectively. The annual electricity bills for buildings, diesel and solar energy generation data collectively finds that Main CSE building’s (77%) share in total energy consumption was more than three times that of AAGC (22%) building.

The annual energy consumption of AAGC is 44,750 kW, where as main CSE building is 146,833 kW. Graph 01 shows the average monthly energy consumption pattern for various electrical appliances exhibited in both buildings. However, we have made a separate auditing for both building to distinguish and identify the nature of energy losses in overall buildings operation. The system level auditing (electrical appliance load) and area-based approach (energy consumed per m2 ) to find out the relative energy performance index for both the buildings.


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