CSE Building Water Audit

In 2010 CSE undertook a water audit for its office building, essentially aimed at further improving water efficiency and conserving every drop of water wherever possible.

Although CSE has taken several efforts to reduce and reuse water over the years, but the building water audit was able to site specific areas where water efficiency can be further increased.

CSE has always believed that water audit  is  a pre-requisite and a first step towards systematically identifying opportunities to make building water use more efficient. It was a particularly significant and vital exercise since the municipal water supply is virtually absent in the entire area where CSE is located. Groundwater is the primary water source and thus highly exploited as compared to other parts of the capital and under severe strain.

CSE’s water audit report reiterates the fact that with the declining levels of groundwater and increasing demand in the city, water conservation and efficiency improvement measures can reap maximum benefit only when the approach is systematic and accurate.

Water audit like financial audit goes by the simple logic that what Gets Measured, Gets Managed!