Report release: Development of Environmental Management Strategy Towards Sustaining Ecological Integrity of Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is a world-renowned ecologically unique waterbody supportive of socioeconomic activities and aquatic species. The natural ecosystem of the lake and its flora and fauna are the basis for an expanding population and burgeoning economic activity in the region. However, this fragile ecosystem has suffered immensely from anthropogenic activities and could be damaged irreversibly in the absence of appropriate interventions. This calls for devising intervention measures that recognize existing efforts aimed to improve the situation. 
Therefore, CSE and National Environment Management Council (NEMC) in collaboration with other stakeholders felt the need to develop a management strategy. The proposed strategy, during the first phase,  will involve mapping of different streams, rivers and drains discharging water into Lake Victoria. It will also include identification of various sources namely industrial, domestic and solid waste contributing to the pollution load of the Lake and providing source specific treatment to reduce the pollution load entering into the Lake. The strategy will also include other aspects that need to be monitored  such as existing wetlands, industries operating in close proximity to the lake, waste management practices and pollution control systems.
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Ishita Garg